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Vest The Best is a Minnesota non-profit organization lead by founder Kevin Kelly and a diverse Board of Directors who work tirelessly to protect Minnesota's Police Dogs by providing ballistic vests to K9 law enforcement units.

How much do those vests cost? Each vest is custom-built using high-end ballistic material and costs between $1,000 and $2,000.

Is it really worth the expense? After all, they're just dogs, right? Police K9 aren't just dogs. Any K9 handler will attest that a K9 counterpart is no less valuable than a human partner - Police dogs are well-trained, intelligent, enthusiastic, and loyal. As law enforcement becomes increasingly dangerous, agencies are relying more and more on the agility, versatility, speed, stamina, and senses of Police K9 to protect officers and citizens. Given the substantial investment of time and money in each dog's training and care, and their contribution to the success of law enforcement, it makes sense to protect them as they serve our community.

What if my local Police department doesn't have a K9 squadron? Police departments which do not have a K9 squadron receive coverage from another local, county, or state K9 division.

How much of my donation will actually go to Vest The Best? Vest The Best Minn is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization and will receive 100% of your donation. In addition, all donations are tax-deductable.

What is my donation money used for? Our budget covers the purchase of K9 vests, hosting of fund-raising events, and associated administrative, transportation, and legal expenses.

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You can help protect our Police dogs!  The mission of Vest The Best is to assure that Minnesota's police dogs, who are routinely placed in life-threatening situations, are as well-protected as their human partners. Given the substantial investment in each dog's training and care, it makes sense to protect them as they serve our community. However, many law enforcement organizations cannot afford the expense of vest protection for their K9 units. Due to the expense in manufacturing high-quality ballistic materials, each vest costs between $1,000 and $2,000. 

How else can I help? The how to help page provides information about all the various ways you can contribute to our mission. For example, VTB Minnesota is in search of grant writers to donate their services; interested parties should contact Kevin Kelly for more information.